About Citrus Fundraising

Florida Citrus Sells Itself!

Selling citrus fruit has become one of the more popular ways of raising LARGE RISK FREE FUNDS for High School Bands, Athletic Clubs, Churches and other non-profit organizations.

This is because citrus is a HEALTHY PRODUCT that SELLS ITSELF.

Provide the Community With a Service

Riversweet citrus is shipped from packing facilities located in Florida's famed Indian River Citrus District directly to your location. This means that you will provide the community with a product that is fresher and of higher quality than anything they can purchase locally. You will also be able to offer the product at a price comparable with local food stores, even after adding your profit.

Can We Really Make $10,000 on a Truckload?

Absolutely. In fact most of our clients make more. A truckload holds 2,000 small boxes of fruit. We urge you to mark each box up by a minimum of $5.00. This will allow you to remain competitive with the supermarket and still make $10,000 a load.

In addition, there is little to no risk for your students or members - no more door to door sales as they can simply email your custom web address to their friends and family. They can now spread the word farther and faster than ever before!

It's Easy to Get Started

Sign up to get started online, or give us a call. We'll forward our FREE Leader's Guide, sales tickets and promotional materials. The Leaders Guide is comprehensive and will guide you through every step of the way. It will also provide ideas and suggestions to assure the success of your sale.

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