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105-Hill Gustat Eagle Blanket

110-Music Words Blanket

115-Coffee Lover's Blanket

120-Encouraging Words

125-Sports Blanket



140-Florida Strong

145-Florida Strong

150-Florida Strong

155-Florida Strong

160-Chevron Design

165-Chevron Design

166-Chevron Design

167-Chevron Design

168-Chevron Design

169-Chevron Design

170-Chevron Design

175-True Blue

180-Solid Tan

185-Solid Crimson

Fall Varieties Nov-Dec

1. 4/5 bu. Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit

2. 2/5 bu. Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit

2A.1/5 bu. Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit

3. 4/5 bu. Navel Oranges

4. 2/5 Navel Oranges

4A.1/5 bu. Navel Oranges

5. 4/5 bu. Tangelos

6. 2/5 bu. Tangelos

7. 4/5 bu. Juice Oranges

8. 2/5 bu. Juice Oranges

9. 2/5 bu. Mixed Box

9A.1/5 bu. Mixed Carton

9B.4/5 bu. Mixed Carton

Specialty Cartons

10. 2/5 bu. Red Trio Carton

11. 2/5 bu. Pear Trio

12. 1 bu. Red Delicious Apples

13. 1/2 bu. Red Delicious Apples

14. 2/5 bu. Gift Box

15. 1/2 bu. Holiday Pack

16. 1/2 bu. D'Anjou Pears

17. 1/5 bu. Mandarin Orange


18. 8lb Navel Mesh Bag

19. 8lb Grapefruit Mesh Bag

20. 4/5 bu. Deluxe Mix

21. 2/5 bu. Deluxe Mix

22. 4/5 bu. Sunburst Tangerines

23. 2/5 bu. Sunburst Tangerines

24. 4/5 bu. Mixed Carton

25. 8lb Grapefruit Mesh Bag

26. 8lb Navel Orange Mesh Bag

26A 10lb 1/5bu. Mandarin Oranges

29-Country Ham Sliced

30. 4/5 bu. Special Mixed Box

31.2/5 bu Special. Mixed Box

40.1/2 bu. Navel-Grapefruit-Pear Trio

Spring Varieties Jan-Mar

1S. 4/5 bu. Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit

2S. 2/5 bu. Indian River Red Grapefruit

3S. 1/5 Bu. Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit

Sweet Homestyle Fudge

20 oz Fudge Gift Box

Fudge 1/2 lb. in Plastic Tub

Fudge 14 oz. with Decorator Tin

Sweet Moments Cakes

Apple Spice Cake

Banana Nut

Honey Bun Cake


Mississippi Mud Cake


Sock It To Me


Sweet, Fragrent Earth Candles

12 oz Canning Jar Candles

14 oz Hourglass Tumblers

8 oz. Christmas Candles

Magic Melts

Tasty Peppermint Bark

14 oz Peppermint Bark

14 oz. Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

14 oz. Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bark

14 oz. Milk Chocolate Almond Bark

16 Piece Chocolate Snowflake Gift Box

7 oz Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

7 oz Plain Dark Chocolate Bark

7 oz Plain Milk Chocolate Bark

7 oz. Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

7 oz. Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bark

7 oz. Milk Chocolate Almond Bark


a-Farragut HS

a-FL Young Artists Orchestra

a-Hanahan HS

a-Hardin Valley Academy

a-Johns Creek


Atlanta Braves

Auburn University

Breast Cancer Awareness

Citrus Park

Clemson University

Designer Series Blue Dot

Designer Series Flowers

Designer Series Maroon Chevron

Designer Series Maroon Dots

Designer Series Moms Do It All

Designer Series Owls

Designer Series Peacock

Designer Series Red Chevron

Designer Series Shopping

Designer Series Silver Chevron

Designer Series Words

Designer Series Zebra

Florida State Univ

Kansas City Royals

Kansas State University

Life's A Beach

Lord's Prayer

Navarre Raiders

Patriotic Eagle

Tampa Bay Rays

University of Alabama

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Kansas

University of Kentucky

University of Miami

University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee

Wichita County High School

Wichita State University

Winter Springs Bears

Woodsman Camo

Ultimate Coffee Collection

11 oz. Bags

Wicked Awesome Coffee

Single Serve Coffee

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