Getting Started

Sign up to inquire about selling now!

This first step to getting your fundraising program underway is to fill out our sign-up form to let us know of your interest. We will contact you to verify that we can ship to your location and to help you determine the best campaign and products to meet your fundraising goals.

Once you notify us of you interest in conducting a fruit sale, we will immediately forward our Leader's Guide and VHS Video Tape. Both of these tools will facilitate organizing your sale with a minimal amount of effort.

Select a Chairperson

The first step a group will typically undertake is the selection of a CITRUS CHAIRPERSON. It is important to select a chairperson as early as possible to allow that person adequate time to plan a selling strategy and find volunteers to fill key positions.

The chairperson will be the point of contact with Riversweet, and will also responsible for helping to create your organization's custom sales page on the Riversweet website. He or she will be able to upload a logo, select the colors, and enter sales directly into the site, as well as to review and print reports of sales.

Select Your Dates

Your group will then decide upon the following key dates:

  • The date your sale will begin
  • The date your sale will end
  • The date all orders will be finalized to Riversweet (via online sales or phoned in)
  • The date you want delivery of the fruit

Once you notify us of your dates, we will forward you SALES KIT. The Sales Kit will contain:

  • Sales Tickets
  • Promotional Materials
  • Tally Sheets

Design Your Custom Sales Page at

Once we have your campaign details all set up, your chairperson will be able to login to the website to upload your school or organization's logo, choose your school colors to add to the page, enter a welcome message, and upload a list of students/members who will be selling during this fundraiser.

This custom page will be where you direct all of your customers to make their online orders. No more door-to-door selling! Your students can simply email the website address to their friends and family to allow them to order quickly and easily through our secure website.

Decide Which Varieties of Fruit & Fudge Products You Want to Sell

Your chairperson will be able to decide which varieties of fruit and fudge your organization can sell, and at what price. He or she will be able to easily select from a list inside the website's administration area. You will be able to offer your customers the following varieties of citrus fruit:

FALL SALES: Red Grapefruit; Navel Oranges; Orlando Tangelos; Juice Oranges; Mixed Varieties

Additionally, you can also offer: Washington State Red Delicious Apples; Washington State D'Anjou Pears; and Delicious Homestyle Fudge.

Establish Your Prices

The prices we quote you are THE COST TO YOUR GROUP. YOU MUST ADD YOUR PROFIT ON TOP OF THESE PRICES to establish your selling prices. You can do this through the administration panel of your client login area. A handy calculator is also available to help you determine your prices based on your desired profit and fundraising goals.

If you have never sold citrus before PLEASE CONSULT YOUR RIVERSWEET REPRESENTATIVE before setting your prices. We will be able to give you a good idea as to what other groups are selling their fruit for.

The amount of profit you add on to the fruit is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

Make it a Group Effort!

We recommend organizing your group so that individuals are selected for the following positions:

  • Citrus Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Distribution Manager
  • Team Captains

The responsibilities of each position are discussed in the ADVISOR'S GUIDE.

Conduct Your Sale

It is now time to go out into the community and solicit orders. Our Advisor's Guide contains many suggestions on how to organize your selling efforts so that both households and businesses are canvassed.

Our new online ordering system and custom web address for your organization make it easy to solicit orders via email. You can even post a link on your own website! Your customers can pay up front and you'll never have to worry about collecting funds - just sit back and wait for the check to come. Fundraising has never been so easy!